New Hampshire Motor Speedway NASCAR Racing Week Safety

NH Speedway NASCAR Racing Week Safety

The New Hampshire Motor Speedway is the largest sports facility in all of New England. With its impressive capacity to hold over 100,000 fans, it attracts and accommodates visitors from all over the country. With the sheer amount of attendees at any given event, the safety and security of everyone is of the utmost concern of those who invest so much time and effort into each and every race.

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Police Presence 

Those attending races this season may notice the increase in police presence and security overall. Recent events including the tragic terrorist bombing during the Boston Marathon have naturally led to a planned increase in security and police presence in and around the speedway and around Loudon in general. Event organizers and those who handle the security have all put forth plans to review and analyze current safety and security procedures and update any measures they feel are necessary to ensure everyone in and around the New Hampshire Speedway has an enjoyable and safe time.

Increase Security At The Track

While those who attend NASCAR races at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway may be initially comforted by the increase in security, they should also know this increase can open the door to potential legal troubles if they do not exercise good judgment. Those who attend events can expect to be potentially searched and questioned if they have suspicious or banned items in their possession. There will be inspections of coolers, bags and backpacks brought to the speedway and screeners will be present at every gate. There will also be a command center on site to help in the event of a situation that warrants immediate action.

Avoid DUI in Loudon NH This Week 

With all of the excitement and events that take place around the speedway and all over Loudon, the potential to be cited for driving while intoxicated in NH may increase. Alcohol consumption is active at the speedway during races and during parties and gatherings outside of the races. This can lead to a lapse in judgment during or after highly anticipated races and events. Before attending parties on the outskirts of the speedway or the races in general, it is in the publics and your personal best interests to plan ahead if alcohol is going to be part of the festivities. Deciding on designated drivers or others ways to safely and legally get from point A to point B is recommended. Also, being keenly aware of your personal consumption and factoring in influences such as the heat, amount of food you have eaten and time period in which you will be drinking, can all help you avoid being subject to a DWI. If you have imbibed on the premises and intend on driving, being sure your registration is up to date and everything on the outside of your vehicle is in working order may help you avoid suspicion. Also being acutely aware of a lesser traveled route to avoid checkpoints or being around other vehicles on the roadway may help ensure a safe drive home.

In the event that you are at the speedway or leaving a race and you are arrested or charged with DWI, you should ultimately be aware of your legal rights, including whether being pulled over was legal to begin with. You may also want to inquire through legal counsel exactly what kind penalties and punishments you may face in the New Hampshire legal system. Penalties can vary greatly depending on whether or not you have had previous DWI convictions, your blood alcohol level, the circumstances under which you were arrested or charged, and the nature of any field sobriety tests given at the time of arrest.

Knowing there will be increased security measures and possibly an increase in police presence; visitors can plan accordingly to help ensure a safe time for everyone as race season gets underway.

By Richard Monteith