Bike Week 2013 in New Hampshire

Bike Week in New Hampshire Means Increase in Law Enforcement and Increased Need for Safety

Since 1923, Laconia New Hampshire has welcomed bike riders each summer from all over the country for a weeklong celebration of bike culture and everything associated with the lifestyle that accompanies owning a motorcycle. The time honored tradition of what has been universally labeled as “Bike Week” expands every year as more and more people come to New Hampshire to celebrate this unique and growing segment of the American population. There will be number of scheduled events and each year, the usually sleepy town of Laconia accepts thousands of people as temporary residents, estimated to be as many as 400,000 over the course of the week. There are a growing number of events, vendors, concerts, contests, races and the like. With the sheer amount of people who flood the tiny New Hampshire town each summer to celebrate Bike Week, there is a natural need to increase the local and state police presence in and around Laconia and there is also a need to adhere to certain safety guidelines for the protection of everyone who attends. As it is the largest bike gathering in the North East, there is the increased potential for legal issues, arrests and other encounters with law enforcement personnel during the weeklong celebration.

Avoid a NH DWI – Play It Safe

As there is a notable increase in law enforcement personnel, DWI arrests are increased during this time. As the week typically revolves around bikes and showcasing different styles, the temptation to ride around town or along the scenic roads on the outskirts of Laconia is only natural. If the events that bike enthusiasts attend involve alcohol consumption, judgment pertaining to going for a bike ride may be impaired. If you have been drinking at any number of these events, you can expect the risk of being subject to a DWI charge to increase as police are keenly aware of the amount of drinking that may be taking place during Bike Week. If you are suspected of or subject to a DWI arrest while attending Bike Week, you should know your rights and also know what kind of penalties you may face in New Hampshire. As Bike Week culminates, bike riders may want to be aware of more check points and also take personal precautions, such as designating a driver or walking to events or establishments, to help avoid encounters with law enforcement that may result in high fines, alcohol or drug abuse prevention program attendance, probation, loss of license or any of the other legal pitfalls that come with being charged or convicted of a DWI in New Hampshire.

With such a staggering uptick in the amount of people and the high profile status of the events, there are also safety guidelines in place that can help ensure bikers in attendance have a good time and reduce the chances of encountering law enforcement officials. Ensuring that your bike or other vehicles are properly registered and in legal working order may help attendees and residents avoid unwanted legal problems. Those who attend Bike Week may also find they are subject to closer scrutiny and possible searches when they attend specific events. Being aware that you may be searched, including personal bags, will also help those enjoying Bike Week reduce their chances of being subject to arrest or any other legal action. Also, taking care to avoid speeding or breaking any other traffic laws in New Hampshire can help attendees avoid legal issues during Bike Week.

With a greater awareness that there are more eyes on you than usual and by following simple precautions to avoid attracting unwanted attention, everyone who partakes in Bike Week can have a more care-free time and help ensure the safety of everyone around them while reducing their own risk of facing a DWI or any other legal charges.

By Richard Monteith